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What is Lifestyle Referral?

A FREE 12 month programme of support to help you improve your health and wellbeing through physical activity. We can refer you into our community activity classes, leisure services and our programme of walks as well as supporting you into long term activities on completion of the programme.

Our team are highly qualified to support you into activity whatever your health conditions. In 2015 we saw almost 800 people join our programme to become more active and many of those had long term health problems such as Stroke, COPD, Heart Failure, Cardiac history and have gone on to long term activity and improved their health.

Who can access the programme?

If you are 16+ and live, work or GP Practice is in St Helens then you can access our programme.

How can I get involved?

Speak to your health professional such as GP, Practice Nurse or Physiotherapist and ask that they refer you into the programme. The health professional sends your medical history to us and gives the ok to start some physical activity.

If you want to know more about the process then you can always give our friendly team a call first.

What happens when you receive my referral?

Once we receive your referral form we will contact you to book a 45 minute appointment with a friendly Lifestyle Advisor. At your initial appointment we discuss your medical history, current lifestyle behaviours and discuss your personal goals. We treat everyone as an individual so whatever your health status we will recommend activity to suit your needs.

After your initial appointment you will be supported into a programme of exercise and maintain regular contact with your advisor in appointments and by telephone for up to 12 months.

How long will I wait for an appointment and where will it be?

Once we receive your referral you can be booked in within the week depending on the venue you wish to access. There are no waiting lists. Our appointments are held across the Borough in venues that are local and accessible. We hold appointments in the following areas:

  • Town Centre
  • Four Acre
  • Thatto Heath
  • Rainhill
  • Billinge
  • Moss Bank
  • Haydock
  • Newton le Willows
  • Parr & Fingerpost

Have a look on our interactive map to see exactly where our venues are.

Where are the activities held?

We offer a wide range of activities across the St Helens Borough 63 classes at the last count.

They take place mainly in community venues so that we can be as accessible to you and your families as possible.

We can also support you to access council gyms if suitable or you can come along to one of our weekly health walks.

There is a lot to choose from!

Have a look on our interactive map to see exactly where our venues are.

What classes do you offer?

We have a range of classes’ both specialist and community.

Our specialist classes are for those with specific health concerns or conditions such as Chair based exercise, Falls prevention for those who have fallen or are at risk of falls. Cardiac Phase IV for those with a heart history, Stroke classes for those who are recovering from a stroke.

After 12 weeks in a specialist class we look to move you into a community programme.

Who will support me at the activity sessions?

All of our physical activity instructors are all highly qualified within their areas of teaching. We will let them know that you are attending and you will be given a personal record card for you and your instructor to record your weekly progress. The instructor and advisor speak regularly about your progress.

We also have Physical Activity Mentors in the classes. They are amazing volunteers who can meet and greet you and will be another listening ear within the class. They can motivate you and offer an extra pair of eyes and ears to the instructor.

Click here for more information about volunteering.

How much does it cost?

All of our classes are low cost typically £2.00 - £3.00 and last 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Our Health Walks are FREE of charge.

Council Leisure facilities are accessible through our programme at a reduced cost.