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In St.Helens your Infant Feeding Team are trained to give you specialist support with breastfeeding. They can help you on the hospital ward or visit you at home when discharged.


What do we do?

   We provide one-to-one breastfeeding support via telephone, in your home and the hospital

   We host breastfeeding drop-in clinics and groups (Monday to Saturday) in the community setting


The Infant Feeding Team can help you with all aspects of breastfeeding including:

   Good positioning & attachment,

   Different feeding positions,

   Recognising signs your baby is hungry,

   How to recognise if your baby is getting enough milk,

   Using a hand or electric pump,

   Increasing your milk supply,

   Feeding out and about,

   Plus support through difficulties such as thrush, mastitis & sore nipples.


Breastfeeding Support Groups in St Helens:



It’s a free and friendly service, available to all local breastfeeding mums.

*Including older baby & beyond group
** Thursday's Group is a lactation consultant clinic


For more information, call the team on: 01744 37 11 11

*calls cost the same as calling a landline, even from a mobile.